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Air Freight

Air Freight Goes Digital. Reliability Takes Off.

When speed is critical, Flexport takes you from order to uplift in no time. Track goods in transit and collaborate in context, all from the Flexport Platform. Free your supply chain from outdated turbulence.



Call the Shots from Your Very Own Control Tower

View your entire supply chain directly in the Flexport Platform. With total digitization of all your documents, you can track everything, anywhere, all the time to keep you and your team in lock step.

Exception Management

Course Correct Exceptions in Real Time

The Flexport Platform is designed to limit the impact of exceptions. Get alerts with all the details as soon as an exception occurs. Course correct, alongside your Flexport team, to rebook or resolve and reduce delays further down the supply chain.


Drive Predictability with Dedicated Capacity from Asia

At Flexport, we supplement high-frequency commercial capacity with our own dedicated charters. It’s just one more way to preserve on-time performance and ensure against offloads.

  • The relationship with Flexport has provided a greater level of continuity and predictability to our core operations, as compared with previous ad-hoc forwarding relationships, allowing us to fully standardize the way we move cargo in emergencies.

    Stephanie Steege
    Director of Humanitarian Programs



    High Security for Goods on the Go

    Important shipments get extraordinary care. Flexport offers shipment-level GPS tracking, in-person escorts, and geofencing to ensure high-value cargo is exactly where you expect. All Flexport warehouses are bonded and are TAPA and C-TPAT certified.

    Manage Your Supply Chain End to End


    Streamline Orders from the Start


    Streamline Orders from the Start

    Start collaborating upfront. With Flexport Order Management, you can choose your SKUs, hit submit, and work with suppliers to ensure orders are accurate, approved, and runway ready.


    Let Suppliers Pilot the Bookings

    By sharing control with suppliers, they can execute bookings, following rules you configure in the Flexport Platform. Still need help? Your Flexport team is on standby.


    See Where Your SKUs Are. Sell Them from the Sky.

    Real-time milestone tracking lets you know which goods are where. With visibility down to the SKU, there’s no guesswork. Skip the stockouts and clinch sales like a boss.


    Nail Compliance. Breeze Through Clearances

    Within minutes of receiving your shipment docs, the Flexport Platform validates your data against your Product Library for accuracy and any errors. That way, your Flexport customs broker has your back while cargo moves ahead.


    Connect Ground Teams for End-to-End Control

    After goods land, you want the same speed on the ground. The Flexport Platform connects drivers and warehouses to align on cargo availability and delivery times. No need to micromanage—notifications alert everyone to progress or exceptions.

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    Build Reports in Minutes with Searchable Data

    Share metrics for success and budget future launches with cost and transit time reporting. Hit the search bar, review in minutes, or schedule to send later.



    Dive into Tools That Feel Like Toys

    Review landed costs to see how air freight pays off. Obsess over on-time performance. Run predictive models, compare transport modes, or drill down to the SKU.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Absolutely. Flexport provides end to end coverage, globally. In areas where we do not have our own offices, we have aligned with strategic partners to provide our clients with best in class local operations. Each strategic partner is held to the same strict standards of compliance and service to which we hold ourselves.

    Flexport’s global network includes warehousing, CFS locations and partners on the ground, around the world. We service over 116 countries around the world.

    In areas where we do not have offices or warehouses, we have aligned with strategic partners to provide the best in class service with the best in class local operations.

    Our online platform allows our clients to create, manage, and track all international and domestic freight shipments in a single online dashboard. Flexport receives data from satellites, geofences, and integrations with third party providers that enable us to generate real-time milestone updates throughout the shipment lifecycle.

    At Flexport, we upload each of your trade documents into our Platform and digitize them to make them completely searchable. Additionally, we structure the data in such a way that enables our clients to run reports across all available supply chain data, down to the PO and SKU-level, with ease.

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