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Put Your Trade Data to Work

Your trade data has immense power. Use it wisely. Flexport Trade Advisors detect and design fresh strategies to diminish risk and optimize performance across all your transactions.



Intelligence from Every Angle

The Flexport Platform structures data from key documents so trade advisors can retrieve insights and unlock ways to upgrade your supply chain. As you execute, the Platform validates your new strategy.

Uncover Global Trade Opportunities

Your Trade Data, Optimized in a Way No One Else Can

Ace Analysis

Your Trade Data, Optimized in a Way No One Else Can

Flexport designed an Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) analysis tool to reveal savings opportunities and compliance risks by using the last five years of your ACE data. The comprehensive results give you a clear path forward.


Deeper Conversations. Higher Bottom Line

Your Flexport Trade Advisor leads an in-depth Compliance Assessment, using your unique ACE Analysis to drive detailed consultations. The outcome? A clear action plan to limit risk and capture potential savings.


Lower Duties Aren’t a Myth

Duty minimization is possible, but it takes expertise to get right. Flexport Trade Advisors can guide you through origin and tariff engineering, organize drawback, and help you capitalize on first sale rules.


Leverage Every Regulated Program

Flexport Trade Advisors can help you with your CTPAT programs, customs valuation, first-sale programs, post-summary corrections, and other programs to strengthen your business.


High Impact Strategy Without the Hard Parts

It can be daunting to compile data, store records, or manage emails. In the Flexport Platform, the heavy lifting is already done. All you need to do is start the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Flexport Trade Advisors are enthusiastic advocates for all clients, no matter who you partner with for shipping. We draw on our expertise as a global logistics provider, but our trade management services are available to anyone who wants to find the best strategies for their supply chains.

Yes, but it can be a lot of trial and error. In the US and many other countries, the importer or exporter of record bears full legal responsibility for accurate, timely, and fully compliant documentation. So it’s usually worth it to get help. We can extend your in-house team, too.

Flexport Trade Advisory solutions are tiered for your specific needs. Initial client meetings are complimentary, and short engagements can still move the needle for many companies. We’re talking about savings or capture of millions of dollars for some clients. Trade advisors will give you the info you need to make your own decision about moving forward.

Yes. Flexport Trade Advisors can assess your duty exposure and advise if origin or tariff engineering could save you money.

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