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Custom Build Your Cargo
Insurance in Just a Few

Cargo insurance needn’t be clunky. Experience fast, fluid, digitally driven insurance that’s easy for everyone to tailor for more cost effectiveness.


Choose Coverages for Your Supply Chain

Only Pay for What You Need


Only Pay for What You Need

Choose which shipments to protect—and how with options like retail value coverage. Pay per use to precisely match coverage with your changing needs.


Cover More for One Predictable Cost

Flexport’s annual policies provide full coverage for every shipment. Include inventory and retail value coverage to protect cargo end-to-end. The more predictable your supply chain is, the more cost-effective your coverage can be.


Stabilize Customs Costs During Times of Change

Coming Soon: Protect against unexpected customs costs and fees. Keep costs on track, even as trade laws change and customs enforcement evolves.


Automated Claims via Your Shipment Data

Submit your claim in minutes. The Flexport Platform uses your shipping data to automate and validate. Message threads and updates attach to claims and shipments for real time tracking. If you need a human along the way, just ask.



Does Your Current Insurance Help You Do Good?

With Flexport, you can donate slightly damaged goods without impacting your insurance claims. And every shipment’s carbon emissions can be offset in the Flexport Platform.

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Apply, get a quote, bind, and ship. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure your existing coverage matches your business needs. Our free coverage analysis can help you evaluate coverage and cost effectiveness. For more information, request a comparison.

Consider what you have invested in a single shipment and where you would be with a total loss. Flexport’s competitive pricing is a small fraction of your shipment value, but provides total peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our low rates.

First, why would you do that? Kidding. Second, Flexport can insure cargo regardless of who ships it. Supply chains are complex, but insuring them doesn’t need to be. We simplify the process and give you peace of mind, no matter who moves your goods.

Yes. Through our white label program, you can provide Flexport Insurance Solutions to your clients. Contact us to learn how Flexport can provide the same great rates, consistent experience, and peace of mind we provide to our own clients.

Flexport partners with Marsh Inc., The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., and Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. for our underwriting. Our insurance partners provide deep risk assessment expertise that pairs with our knowledge of global logistics to provide clients with low cost, targeted coverage they can trust.

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