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Create a Supply Chain
Greater than Its Parts

Position your supply chain to drive gains across your entire company. Automate everyday tasks. Structure insights for predictability. With the power to simplify order cycles, everyone can do more.



One Source of Truth. All the Solutions You Need.

The Flexport Platform organizes data from advanced APIs and inputs specific to your supply chain to make your job easier. Simplify procurement. Track SKUs end-to-end. Discover trends across trade lanes and game routing scenarios to save time and money.

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    Supply Chain and Procurement Specialist


    Your Order Lifecycle, Completely in Order

    Access SKU-level tracking, easy PO placement, and supplier KPIs—all with Flexport Order Management. End-to-end visibility is one of the fastest ways to streamline and save time on your supply chain.


    Answer Any Question with the Right Data

    Make short work of in-depth reporting. Build reports from scratch and schedule them to send at any cadence. Track live shipments, pull historical data, and forecast with predictive tools.


    A Shared Vision for Complex Supply Chains

    With structured data in the Flexport Platform, anyone can spot opportunities and validate ideas. Go deeper and drive strategy when you collaborate internally or with your Flexport team.

    Case study

    A Plumbing Fixtures Leader Optimizes its Flow of Supply and Demand

    How Gerber Gains End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility and Savings with Flexport.

    End to End Supply Chain Solutions

    Faster, More Accurate Customs Clearances


    Faster, More Accurate Customs Clearances

    Flexport customs brokers can start working on clearing your goods as soon as the orders are placed. Easier clearances are possible with automated documentation from the Flexport Product Library.


    A World of Opportunity Within Your Data

    Get more out of your data with elevated trade strategies. Flexport Trade Advisors can help you find opportunities to reduce duty exposure and recover any excess duties paid in the past.


    Cover Your Goods. Control Your Costs.

    Bring insurance costs under control with policies that protect everything or scale to the shipment. Based on your Flexport Platform data, you can predict annual insurance costs and automate claims.


    Streamline the Steps to Sustainability

    Reach carbon neutrality with a simple setting in the Flexport Platform. Track your progress, send sustainability reports, and earn a Carbonfree® Shipper designation you can share with your customers.

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