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You’re Cleared For A Better Customs Experience

Work with Flexport brokers to minimize what can be minimized, even if you don’t ship with us. Our technology maximizes the value of your customs data to the rest of your business.



Broker Led, Data Fed, and Designed for Insight

The Flexport Platform. It’s how your broker clears shipments faster, and where data from inventory, commercial invoices, and other documents combine to reveal landed costs, historical price comparisons, and other key business metrics.


Supply Chain Visibility for Customs Predictability

The Flexport Platform tracks your inventory in motion, making customs exceptions more timely and actionable. You, your broker, and supply chain partners can efficiently resolve issues before they result in clearance delays or additional scrutiny by customs.

  • Flexport’s simple, easy-to-use Platform eliminates the need for many emails while the document management tool reduces bottlenecks in documentation for customs clearance.

    Henry Haslam, Operations Director
    Resident Home UK

    Far More Than Clearance

    Search Everything. Stop at Nothing.

    Quick Search

    Search Everything. Stop at Nothing.

    Search for what you want—SKU, HS code, PO, style, or customs entry number—in any customs document. Then find it and related items all in one place. No more time lost bouncing between systems.

    Product Library

    Capture Product Data to Speed Imports

    Simplify clearances through dynamic customs data associated with your products or SKUs. Flexport’s secure Product Library is your central source of truth, enabling you and your broker to tackle exceptions immediately, improve collaboration, and increase compliance.

    Landed Costs

    Landed Costs. Now Within Reach.

    Know exactly how much it costs to get a SKU into inventory. That’s a clear business advantage. Flexport makes calculating landed costs not only possible, but easy.


    Trade Advisory

    Follow the Customs Rules. Then Change the Game.

    Look past your next clearance to strengthen your customs strategy. Flexport trade advisors can help find new import paths, duty minimization strategies, and other strategic gains that will move the needle.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Talk to a supply chain solutions expert and see the Flexport Platform in action.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Flexport offers brokerage as a standalone service. Our brokers will work with your freight forwarder, carrier, or any of your supply chain partners to clear your goods.

    As a customs brokerage customer, you’ll have access to our technology and Platform for data analytics at the PO and SKU level. Standard reporting includes landed costs when the Platform can capture all of the costs of acquiring a product internationally.

    Flexport charges a flat fee per customs entry. Our technology helps to minimize the accessorial charges that have plagued logistics.

    Too often supply chains are an operational black box where costs and outcomes are unpredictable. The Flexport Platform structures your product-level data and becomes your single source of truth, providing visibility and control from end to end. Plus you gain timely business analytics for better decision making and feedback loops.

    Your supply chain is inventory in motion. You should have near real-time access to every step in the process, along with access to completed entries and historical data.

    HTS codes are what US and most customs’ authorities use to determine costs and admissibility. Many products are hard to categorize correctly, or with small changes could be placed in a different category. Misclassification can cause major delays and potential penalties. Flexport brokers and technology limit errors to expedite better outcomes.

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